Internet of Things Conference | 17. - 19. Juni München

Best practices for successful Industrial IoT projects

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Mittwoch, 19. Juni 2019
10:30 - 11:30

Industrial customers are making an important ‘data driven’ transition in technology and business model. This will lead towards completely new opportunities and value-added services for Industry 4.0 customers. The session deals with the special requirements of Industrial IoT projects, like global presence with high availability, efficiency of creation and maintenance of Industrial IoT solutions, local IoT operation without Internet connection, low total cost of ownership / TCO and advanced security.

The speciality of the session is a live IoT show case which is used to demonstrate some preferred implementation approaches such as utilizing a leading global IoT platform, Serverless Computing as a game changer, IoT Edge computing and stream analytics.

As a summary we provide some best practices for successful Industrial IoT projects.

The session is aimed for educating decision makers about the specialities of Industrial IoT solutions and their preferred implementation approaches. Instead of a dry PowerPoint presentation, the listener can easily understand the implementation approaches for Industrial IoT projects by seeing a live show case, the configuration and the code. Ad-hoc questions will be answered by showing details of the live show case.