Internet of Things Conference | 17. - 19. Juni München

Prevention of Claims with iot and ai.

Mittwoch, 19. Juni 2019
09:00 - 10:00

Most insurance companies are focused on the hedging of risks. But what if damage does not occur because the policyholder is aware of the threat? If he has the chance to avoid a loss and is rewarded for his risk-aware behavior?  Most insurance products available on the market do not reflect on the individual risk of the Policy holder and risk avoidance is not rewarded.  
But most of the customers like to keep their valuables instead of getting a compensation for a loss or damage. It is more like a safe guard in case something bad happens. Also the customers are price sensitive and are looking for ways to save money.
IoT devices can collect environmental parameters and check them with predictive models.  Smart Services can alert the customer in case of unexpected risks and provide advices to reduce them.

In this talk we would like to highlight the possibilities of IoT, ML and data-centric decisions in order to survive in a highly competitive market in the future.