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Data Science From Research to Production With Jupyter, Kubeflow & Nuclio

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Montag, 16. November 2020
09:00 - 17:00
Data Science Workshop

Deploying machine learning models from training to production requires companies to deal with the complexity of moving workloads through different pipelines and re-writing code from scratch.

Or Zilberman will demonstrate how simple it is to automatically transfer a full machine learning pipeline from Jupyter notebook to scale-out serverless functions for event-driven and real-time applications.

He will also address versioning challenges, showing how serverless functions can enable developers to update machine learning models and code together as a single versioned entity. The session will include a deep walkthrough and interactive demos.

This Session originates from the archive of Diese Session stammt aus dem Archiv von MunichMünchen . Take me to the program of . Hier geht es zum aktuellen Programm von Munich München .

This Session Diese Session originates from the archive of stammt aus dem Archiv von MunichMünchen . Take me to the current program of . Hier geht es zum aktuellen Programm von Munich München .