Internet of Things Conference | 17. - 19. Juni München

Bringing Data to the Edge

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Dienstag, 18. Juni 2019
15:30 - 16:30

With growing data volumes and a need for real-time data, cloud-centric solutions, where data storage and processing is done centrally, do not suffice anymore in many IoT scenarios. Edge computing, meaning decentralized data storage and processing, bring back autonomous apps that are independent from and coexist symbiotically with the cloud. Egde computing brings real-time processing, reduced cloud costs, offline-capability and heightened security to IoT. It also enables clear data ownership in consumer scenarios – with data staying where it belongs, namely with the users and where it was produced. However, solving edge computing is still a challenge in many respects: From a developer perspective, as small devices come with many constraints. From a business perspective, because data ownership is part of many business models. What does edge computing mean for IoT? Could this be the solution for data security and privacy in consumer settings? How will the future of Edge Computing look like in a connected world? These are typical topics we face at ObjectBox that we would like to share with the audience.